Garlic is always the answer

While I was planning today’s meals I had two main questions: how can I spice up a ham and cheese sandwich and how can I create my own signature tacos? Luckily the grocery store had the answer to the first one in the form of the “g-word”. From now on I’m just going to trust garlic to solve all my problems. If my car ever breaks down, I’ll just smash up some garlic and throw it on the engine. If I ever need extra money, I’ll just bring a handful of garlic powder to the bank in exchange for cash. I ask you world, is there nothing garlic can’t do?

Anyways back to reality. A few weeks ago, I discovered Kraft had recently released a new line of mayonnaise flavors called “Sandwich Shop Mayo”. They come in reduced fat Chipotle, Garlic & Herb, Horseradish-Dijon and regular Hot & Spicy. At my pre-dinner grocery store visit, I decided to grab the Garlic & Herb (surprise, surprise) and give it a try at lunch. My sandwich consisted of ham, cheese, tomato, and this mayo on wheat bread. A fairly simple assembly, but believe me when I tell you that this meal was anything but ordinary. I normally use an excessive amount of mayo on my deli sandwiches, but for those of you who prefer a minimal amount, this is right up your alley. I put on about a third of what I normally do, and it was plenty to turn this lunch bag meal into one hell of a midday treat. This is not mayo with a little bit of spice, this is spice with a little bit of mayo. Very aggresive flavor that would certainly bring new life to any sandwich or pasta/potato salad. It would also probably make for a great veggie dip. I’m not sure I will ever have a “regular” sandwich again, at least not if I can help it.

Oh and apparently I already polished off my jar of garlic salsa, so I’m still working on my taco problem.

Rating: 4.5/5

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